One Artisanal Blog Post

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One Artisanal Blog Post

Dosekir SEO and Marketing
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A well-written and authoritative blog post is an investment for your future. First, you can direct potential customers to your blog to show off your expertise or amazing products. When blogging on your website, Google will be able to find your info and you can start being found by searches.

What do you get?

  • Topic Research

  • A 500-word blog post

  • 3 stock photos (I will give you a selection)

  • All the info you need to post the blog including technical SEO

  • 2 Blurbs you can use on social media to brag about your great new blog post

Get Started

  1. After checkout, do the survey to get things going.

  2. I prepare an outline with research, keywords and images for your approval.

  3. Once approved, I write the article and send you the blog post package.

  4. If something is missing, I will revise the post.

  5. You post the blog and reap the benefits!

If you are subscribed to the Marketing Boost and you already have outlines, ask me for the discount code.

Need something else? Write me and we can figure it out.

No adult, gambling, CBD, politics.

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Questions? Email boost@dosekir.com

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